Neutrik 1/4,Neutrik NP2X 1/4-Inch TS Connector

Neutrik NP2X 1/4-Inch TS Connector

Neutrik NP2X 1/4-Inch TS Connector, Black

Hosa NA4LJX 1/4-Inch Neutrik SpeakON Adapter

Neutrik NJ3FP6C-BAG 1/4 Locking Chassis Jack Black

Neutrik NJ3FP6C 1/4 Locking Chassis Jack Nickel

Neutrik 1/4in 2 Circuit Right Angle NP2RX

HOSA GXP-143 XLR Female to Balanced 1/4 inch Male Adapter

GLS Audio 6 feet Speaker Cable 12AWG Patch Cords - 6 ft 1/4" to Speakon Professional Cables Black Neutrik NL4FX (NL4FC) 12 Gauge Wire - Pro 6 Phono 6.3mm to Speak-on Cord 12G - Single

Hosa Cable GSK116 1/4 Inch TS To Speakon Adaptor - 16 Gauge

Neutrik NP2X-AU-SILENT 1/4 Inch TS Phone Plug with Gold Ground Lift-by-Neutrik

HOSA Balanced 1/4" PHONE - Balanced 1/4" PHONE, 2m (6.6 ft.) Molded Cable

Hosa MHE310 Female TRS 1/8-Inch to Male TRS 1/4-Inch Headphone Adapter Cable, 10-Feet

Neutrik Rean NYS236 1/4" Mono to 1/4" Mono Jack Adapter / Coupler

Neutrik NP2RX-B 1/4 Mono Plug Right Angle Black/Gold

Neutrik 1/4" Right Angle Plug

Hosa MHE325 Female TRS 1/8-Inch to Male TRS 1/4-Inch Headphone Adapter Cable, 25-Feet

Hosa CMM-103RR 3-Feet 3.5MM TRS RA to Same Cable

Hosa - 1/4"" to Neutrik SpeakON Adapter

1/4" to Neutrik SpeakON Adapter

Neutrik NA3MP XLR Male Adapter to 1/4" Stereo Plug

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Neutrik 1/4 Popular Q&A

Q: Which speaker cable connector is better - Neutrik Speakon or 1/4"...
A: Definitely go with the Speakon. It was designed from the ground up to be a speaker connector. The 1/4 inch connector is a very old design and was never meant fo... Read More »

Q: XLR and 1/4" - Neutrik?
A: Neutrik makes both single and combo connectors the latter of which accepts both xlr and 1/4". Just make sure to get the right one. Source(s): http://www.neutrik... Read More »

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A: It means 1 x (multiply) 4 1 times 4 = 4 I think you should learn multiplication tables. It will make things easier for you to understand this type of easy multi... Read More »

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